Patriotic Protein Bites


In need of a simple, yet indulgent recipe to make for an upcoming event?

The perfect sweet treat to bring to the dessert table for any upcoming party you have planned for Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day.


Patriotic Protein Bites

Prep Time: 5 min

Passive Time 30 min

Servings: 12-16 bites



3/4 cup oat or almond flour

30g protein powder or collagen  (we love to use grass-fed vanilla flavored!)

1/4 cup The Ring Leader Cashew Butter

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

3 tbsp sticky sweetener (i.e. date syrup⁣, honey, maple syrup, etc.)


Chocolate Coating

1 cup white chocolate chips

2 tbsp coconut oil⁣


Sprinkles ⁣



1, In a bowl whisk together all dry ingredients.

2. Separately mix together cashew butter, syrup and coconut oil. 

3. Mix the dry ingredients into the wet until smooth⁣.

4. Refrigerate batter for 15 min.

5. Roll into 1-2 tbsp sized balls.

6. Melt chocolate and coconut oil over low heat, stirring frequently.

7. Using a fork, dip each ball into the chocolate and then place on a baking sheet or plate lined with parchment paper. Top with sprinkles .

8. Freeze for 15 minutes!



Store extras in sealed container in the fridge or freezer.


These protein bites are not only festive, they are filled with clean, yet simple ingredients that any crowd will surely love. 


Original recipe created for American Dream Nut Butter via TheBalancedWhisk.


  • These sound amazing!! The ring leader is my current favorite nut butter!

    Haley Picklo on

  • Okay, these have my mouth watering!! I’m going to make these this weekend!

    Faith on

  • NEED to make these! 😍

    Danielle Johnson on

  • Seems like the perfect 4th of July treat! I bet it would be amazing with Starberry Blast too!

    Hannah on

  • Seems like the perfect 4th of July treat! I bet it would be amazing with Starberry Blast too!

    Hannah on

  • These patriotic protein bites are going to be a hit at the 4th of July grill out my family always has!! I can’t wait for them to try the Ring Leader! And of course it’s not the season without some sprinkles!

    Holly Pelton on

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