Partner Spotlight: Breanne Freeman

Introducing Breanne Freeman! 

Breanne is the infamous "Breanne" of Breanne's Blend Cookie Batter. We get people asking about Breanne all the time, so we thought it would be good for you to meet her!


  • PLEASE bring back Breanne’s blend. I’ve been waiting on it for so long. It’s my absolute favorite!!

    Dovie MacPherson on

  • When is Breanne’s peanut butter returning?

    Laura on

  • When is Breanne’s Blend coming back?

    Fortunatina Graziano on

  • When is this coming back? I miss this. It’s my daughters and my favorite peanut butter!!

    Beth on

  • When is this Pb coming back? Please bring it back soon!!! It’s my favorite!

    Kate on

  • Where is Breanne’s Blend?

    Linda Escalante on

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