Meet Lea, Owner of American Dream Nut Butter

In the ever-evolving world of food entrepreneurship, there are those who stand out not only for their innovative products but also for the inspiring stories behind them. Lea Hurley, the brilliant mind and passionate heart behind American Dream Nut Butter, is one such visionary who has turned her personal journey into a delicious business venture.

A Life Dedicated to Health and Wellness

Lea Hurley's story is a testament to her dedication to health and wellness. As a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Lea is not only Board Certified in OB/GYN and Vascular but also holds a minor in nutrition. Her professional life is deeply rooted in the realm of healthcare and well-being. This background instilled in her the value of nourishing her body and living a balanced, healthy life.

Lea is not just a health enthusiast in her profession; she lives and breathes the lifestyle outside of work as well. She firmly believes in the philosophy of balance, a principle that resonates with many who understand that being healthy doesn't mean depriving yourself of delicious food. It's about making smart choices, enjoying what you eat, and maintaining a sustainable approach to wellness.

The Birth of a Nut Butter Revolution

Lea's journey into the world of nut butter began when she faced the challenging reality of food intolerances. As someone who had a penchant for sweets, it was a frustrating and disheartening situation when she could no longer indulge in her favorite treats. This predicament was a turning point in her life, a moment that sparked her passion and creativity.

Driven by her love for sweet treats and her commitment to health, Lea embarked on a mission to create nut butters that not only tasted like dessert but were also genuinely good for you. Armed with her knowledge of nutrition and her flair for flavors, she began experimenting in her kitchen, crafting nut butter concoctions that would become the foundation of American Dream Nut Butter.

The Family That Inspired a Dream

While Lea was content sharing her nut butter creations with friends and family, it was her husband, Mark, who saw the potential of turning this passion project into a thriving business. He recognized that Lea's delectable, health-conscious nut butter creations had the power to resonate with a broader audience.

With Mark's encouragement and Lea's unwavering dedication, they embarked on a journey together to make American Dream Nut Butter a reality. This husband-and-wife duo joined forces to bring these irresistible, healthy nut butters to the world, creating a brand that embodies the spirit of following one's dreams and turning them into delicious reality.

American Dream Nut Butter is not just about incredible flavors; it's a manifestation of Lea's commitment to health, her passion for balance, and her dedication to creating mouthwatering treats that everyone can enjoy. Her journey from the world of healthcare to becoming a nut butter visionary is a true testament to the transformative power of one person's passion and perseverance. As you explore the delectable offerings of American Dream Nut Butter, you'll be experiencing the taste of someone's dreams, wrapped in each jar with love and dedication.


  • I would love to meet her! She has changed my life for the better by creating this incredible nut butter! Bless you!

    Erica on

  • Lea really is one of the most determined and motivated and definitely creative people I’ve known. So happy to be part of this community.

    Haylee Monteiro on

  • You will never meet another person like Lea!! She shows kindness, grace, and love in all she does! She truly is such an inspiration and is the butter queen!

    Abby on

  • Lea is so great🙌🏼 thank you for creating these delicious butters.. and letting us all feel a bit better about our food choices!

    Katie M on

  • Lea you are truly amazing🙌 We are all so thankful for what you created!

    allen luecke on

  • Lea you are truly amazing🙌 We are all so thankful for what you created!

    allen luecke on

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