Food Gifts: Our Nut Butters Are a Delightful Holiday Treat

Is last-minute Christmas shopping stressing you out? We've been there. Coming up with new and creative gifts every year is such a challenge.

What do you get for someone on your list who already seems to have everything? Gift-giving shouldn't be this stressful. 

If you're looking for an interesting gift this holiday season, why not try food gifts? Everyone loves getting new and interesting snacks instead of items that will just clutter their homes.

Even better, why not gift the gift of nut butter?

We're here to talk about some of our favorite nut butters for all of the people on your shopping list this year. Read on for a quick gift guide. 

For the Nut Butter-Curious

Most people have tried peanut butter at some point in their lives, but what about almond butter and cashew butter? Not everyone has taken a step out of their comfort zone to add a new type of nut butter to their menu.

You can nudge them to take that step this holiday season by adding some simple (but delicious) nut butter to someone's gift. Our Just Plain Nutty line is our most affordable full-sized nut butter jars. These nut butters may have simple ingredients, but they're anything but basic. They're a great introduction to how great nuts can be!

These are also great gifts for any bakers in your life. Our high-quality nut butters make fantastic additions to cakes, cookies, frosting, and more. 

For the Autumn Fans

Do you have someone on your shopping list who's stuck in the spooky season all year long? No problem. We have nut butters for them. Choose one of these blends for that person in your life who's always trying to order a pumpkin spice latte regardless of the season.

Speaking of which, start with our Pumpkin Spice Latte almond butter. It's full of protein, healthy fat, and the flavors you know and love from a classic PSL, without all the caffeine and sugar.

The pumpkin party doesn't stop there. We also have Pumpkin Cheesecake available in almond butter and cashew butter bases! Gift both so they can compare or choose their favorite version of the blend.  

If your friend loves autumn strictly for Halloween, we have something for them as well. Give them Monster Munch almond butter or the tasty Trick or Treat Cookie Bar almond butter for a sweet and spooky treat.

It might be winter, but that doesn't mean your autumn-loving friends have to give up the flavors of their favorite season!

For the People With a Serious Sweet Tooth

All of our nut butter blends satisfy sweet tooths, but some rise above the rest. They're for those who truly love decadent treats that seem too good to be "healthy." 

Start with the Butterscotch Sundae peanut butter. It's like a full sundae in a jar, except that it actually has nutritional value. You can dip fruit or cookies in it, spread it on bread, or even eat it right out of the jar with a spoon. We won't judge.

The Ring Leader cashew butter is another perfectly sweet treat. Does your friend love those super-sweet classic animal crackers with the pink frosting? Now they're in cashew butter form.

This blend is super indulgent and sweet, but it still packs a protein punch, so it's far better than munching on animal crackers. Better yet, give them a side of animal crackers to dip right into the cashew butter. Too much? We don't think so.

Finally, Sugar Pie Honey Chunk. This almond butter tastes like sugar cookies, and it's topped with colorful sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and mini chocolate chips.

It's a perfect dessert in a jar. Wrap it up with a bow, and the giftee will swoon. 

For the Fruit Fans

Best fit for friends that go crazy for fruit-flavored sweets.

Start with our Squeeze the Day almond butter. It tastes just like your favorite lemon cookies, topped with lemon crystals and lemon cookies mixed in. It's not sour, and the lemony taste works perfectly with the almond butter. 

Next, we have Blueberry Brunch cashew butter. This is for your friend who loves blueberry pancakes in the morning but never quite has enough energy to make them. Instead, they can simply stick a spoon in a jar and get a burst of blueberry flavor and a spoonful of protein to start their day. 

The Going Bananas cashew butter is a huge hit, so your fruit-loving friend will love it. If they like banana bread or banana pudding, they'll love this cashew butter. It contains natural banana flavoring, so it won't have that super-sweet artificial candy banana taste. This is great on pancakes or in a sandwich, but again, it also tastes great with a spoonful straight from the jar. 

For Those Who Like Breakfast in a Jar

It can be hard to prepare your favorite breakfast items on early or busy mornings! If you have a friend who loves breakfast treats but never has enough time to make them, they'll love these nut butter blends.

First, let's talk cereal. Our Cinnamon Toasties almond butter bears a strong resemblance to a certain popular cinnamon sugar cereal. It has the added bonus of protein and healthy fats!

On that note, we also have Frosty Pebble almond butter. This almond butter contains crunchy and colorful pieces of your favorite childhood cereal.

But what about other types of breakfast treats? How about sweet cinnamon buns? Cinfully Delicious cashew butter tastes just like a sweet cinnamon roll in a jar.

It even has homemade cinnamon-infused crystals on top. Your giftee can warm it up for a perfect cinnamon bun experience.

Sampler Combination Gifts

So what do you give someone who's tricky to shop for? Give them a few samples so they can decide what they like on their own! Luckily, we have several blends available in our Sampler Sizes - Baby Butter 4oz jars and single-serving squeeze packs.

Here are just a few ways we'd suggest mixing and matching samples for your holiday gifts!

Single-Serving Stocking Stuffers

This is the best option for people who never know quite what they want. Instead of picking one large jar, or even one Baby Butter jar, get them several single-serving sample-size packs of nut butter!

There are fifteen different flavors available (at the moment) in our single-serving packs. At only $1.99 each, why not add several to your giftee's stocking so they can taste test? 

This is also an easy gift to add to any other Christmas present. Put one in a holiday card, or add it to a gift basket for a work gift exchange!

Breakfast and Coffee

Why not give someone the experience of eating a warm breakfast with a delicious coffee drink, but in nut butter form? 

You're going to pair together the Baby Butter French Toast almond butter with the Baby Butter Caramel Crunch Cappuccino almond butter. They both pair well with toast or pancakes for a delicious breakfast!

They're also just so cute that anyone would love to see this mini gift set of nut butters under the tree. 

A Holiday Collection 

We came up with a few holiday gifts of our own this season. That's right; we have a collection of holiday-themed nut butter blends available in 3 sizes.

Baby Butter Naughty or Nice is like Santa's plate of cookies in a jar. It tastes like the perfect mix of fudge Oreo brownies and delicious chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy it with or without milk.

Pair it with Baby Butter Candy Cane Kisses peanut butter. It mixes the flavors of chocolate, white chocolate, and cool peppermint for a festive treat that's sure to delight. 

Which of These Food Gifts Will You Give This Season? 

You can't go wrong with food gifts, and you definitely can't go wrong with giving the gift of one of our fantastic nut butters. There's a nut butter for every person on your shopping list. Which ones will you be ordering, wrapping, and putting underneath the Christmas tree?

At American Dream Nut Butter, we pride ourselves on our delicious high-protein, low-carb, gluten-free, and low-sugar nut butters. If you're ready to pick some up for yourself or a friend, check us out


  • I absolutely love that ADNB has started curating gift boxes! It makes shopping for that last minute gift for any occasion just that much more simple.

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  • Sooo many good choices here! You can’t go wrong with any of them! The Ring Leader & Monster Munch are phenom!

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  • These make the perfect gifts!

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  • ADNB always makes it on my Christmas list! Their holiday line is the best. The gingerdoodle and naught or nice are my favorites from the collection.

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