We believe that by partnering with your esteemed company, we can further amplify our mission & reach a wider audience of individuals seeking innovative and nutritious snack options.


A partnership made of dreams.

Your sponsorship support will not only help us expand our product offerings and distribution channels but also enable us to continue our commitment to giving back to the community through charitable donations.

We would be honored to discuss potential sponsorship opportunities with you further and explore how we can create mutually beneficial partnerships that drive value for both our organizations. Please feel free to reach out to us directly at to schedule a meeting or discuss any questions you may have.

How it works

  • Reach out

    Your organization contacts us via email or contact form below about your potential fundraising partnership.

  • Receive fundraising materials

    We send you fundraising materials including a flyer with a QR code and your fundraiser's very own promo code.

  • Begin Fundraising

    Your team begins to spread the word about you cause and informs patrons on how to purchase on behalf of your cause.

  • Collect Proceeds

    All designated funds will be collected and transferred to your organization once the fundraiser has ended.


Partner with us for your next fundraiser!

Fill out the form below with your info and some details about your fundraiser and potential partnership with us.