Ambassador Program

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the American Dream Nut Butter (ADNB) affiliate program! We are so happy you have fallen in love with our butters and our mission.

Why are ADNB Ambassadors SO important?

We simply couldn't do what we do without our Butter Fam! Here's why ambassadors are critical to our success:
  • to create more touch points with the Instagram foodie, fitness & health communities
  • to create a culture of positivity and excitement around American Dream Nut Butter
  • to develop a community to discuss all things ADNB including product development
  • to grow a core network that continues to share ADNB products with the world
  • to help all of those around us find joy in tasty butters that don’t derail health goals

When searching for new ambassadors we look for individuals who: have actively been purchasing and enjoying our butters, are already organically sharing their love for ADNB and who are passionate about our commitment to kindness and giving back.

Does this sound like you? We are currently accepting new applications for motivated individuals who are looking to help spread the word about American Dream Nut Butter!

Please email for more information.