About Us

Hi, I’m Lea! I am a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Board Certified in OB/GYN and Vascular with a minor in nutrition. As a health and fitness enthusiast, I believe in balance and not depriving yourself of delicious food — you shouldn't have to sacrifice the taste and treats you love in order to follow a healthy, happy lifestyle.

That's why, as a company, our mission is to make it easier than ever to satisfy that sweet tooth with high protein, low carb, low sugar, gluten-free nut butters that the whole family can enjoy!

I started making my own nut butters when I developed a bunch of food intolerances that prevented me from enjoying some of my favorite junk food. I figured out how to make my nut butters taste like dessert, but still, be healthy! I kept it to myself for years, until my husband finally convinced me to take it to a bodybuilding competition about 1.5 years ago. It was a big hit and we grew from there.

We are a small, but MIGHTY, family-run business that hand whips each jar of butter, ensuring that top-secret signature drippy texture we are known for.

What is most important to me is that I source every ingredient (I even purchase the nuts directly from the farm) and ensure that each ingredient is grown or manufactured in the USA. We also donate 10% of all proceeds to sending care packages to the troops overseas. If giving back is important to you too, check out all of the charities we have supported here.

I love running our family business. Our 4 little kids help us with what they can, and if you get a package with a sticker, that means Tootie helped pack it!

We cannot thank you enough for supporting our small business, and we hope you love our nut butters as much as we do!

Lots of love,

Lea Hurley, American Dream Nut Butter