Stargazing and camping go hand in hand. From the crisp fall air and crackling of a roaring bonfire, to the smell of toasted marshmallows and comfort of snuggling under a thick flannel blanket — there truly is no better time to enjoy the magic of this colorful season than now. And what cozy campsite is complete if not stocked with American Dream Nut Butter?! Inspired by the very best tastes and experiences that come with autumn camping, the ADNB x Camping Under the Stars collection is chock full of gourmet nut butters that perfectly compliment a weekend getaway. Spoon your way through the iconic flavors of a PSL, candy dotted trail mix, chocolatey s'mores and sweet fudge swirled 'rocky trails'. Indulge with confidence too! Every handcrafted nut butter promises to be high protein, low carb, low sugar and 100% gluten-free!

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