Wedding Cake Puppy Chow

Imagine eating this as a baseball snack while you’re watching your little slugger knock it out of the park! 

Save this recipe and make this quick puppy chow for on the go! 



  1.         Melt almond butter, white chocolate, and coconut oil.
  2.         Mix in chex cereal until fully coated.
  3.         Sprinkle protein powder over cereal and stir until fully coated.

Recipe by @scriptsandspoons for American Dream Nut Butter


  • I absolutely love this recipe! Especially with that flavor of Almond butter!
    I think I might make this for a mother’s day dessert table

    Alicia on

  • We love puppy chow! This is one of my favorite almond butters so I know I’d love this recipe. Will be making soon.

    Chenoa dickerson on

  • I love cake… I love puppy chow.. loveee ADNB. How perfect?! 🤤

    Katie M on

  • I’m making this for my flight on Tuesday can’t wait to try it.

    Heather Hawthorne on

  • Who wouldn’t love a good puppy chow recipe. Mmmmm, this would be a great gift or just treat in general.

    Teresa Wight on

  • I love anything wedding cake flavored this is going to be amazing when I make it!

    allen luecke on

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