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St. Patrick's Puppy Chow

A St. Paddy's recipe to be enjoyed year 'round!

9 c Rice cereal, gluten free
1 c Protein powder, vanilla
2/3 c Pot of Gold Peanut Butter
1 c White Chocolate, melted
Green Food Coloring

1. Add a few drops of green food coloring to melted white chocolate in a small bowl- stir until light green.
2. In a large bowl pour cereal and protein powder.
3. Mix well then slowly add peanut butter and melted white chocolate.
4. Heavily stir until everything is well coated or pour into a ziplock bag and shake vigorously.

Original recipe by The Balanced Whisk


  • This looks amazing! I have to try this!!!!!

    Taviah Johnson on

  • Puppy chow is amazing! And adding ADNB to them! 😱 game changing! I have even used the gluten free chocolate Chex, the candy cane kisses peanut butter and the hot cocoa pieces to make it for the holidays. But in all honesty, anytime is a good time for puppy chow with the variety of flavors!

    Rene on

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