Maple Waffle Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

Turn your regular waffle into a waffle cone sundae with these yogurt bowl ingredients.  Your breakfast has never tasted so good!

You just need the basics! 

Maple Waffle Yogurt Bowl; 
Greek Yogurt
Waffle Pieces
Maple Waffle Cone Almond Butter

Here's a video of this delicious bowl!



  • I can’t wait to try something like this with my American Dream nut butters. Thanks for a great fun and healthy idea.

    Stacy Nash on

  • Oooh! I love that Maple Waffle Almond Butter so I can only imagine what this would be like! Dessert for breakfast?!

    Haylee on

  • YUMMM! This looks like the absolute perfect breakfast! I love adding American dream to my yogurt bowls and waffle plates, but the combo sounds even better!

    Audrey on

  • I just ordered the maple waffle cone nut butter and I CANNOT wait to try this recipe! This is my kind of breakfast (all of my favorite ingredients).

    Michelle on

  • This looks amazing! Low in Ww points and very filling! I can’t wait to try.

    Andrea on

  • This is the perfect breakfast idea!

    Abby on

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