Healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Overnight Oats

Love the combo of mint + chocolate? Are you a die hard oatmeal fan? These Mint Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats are all wrapped up in the perfect two-serving recipe! Whether you're looking for a quick, on-the-go meal prepped recipe or a protein packed sweet breakfast to have first thing the morning. Try these mint chocolate chip protein overnight oats and thank us later!

Servings: 2

1 cup Rolled Oats
1 tsp Chia Seeds
2 tsp Cacao Powder
1 scoop Mint Chocolate Protein Powder
2 tbsp Greek Yogurt
1 tbsp Maple Syrup
1 cup Almond Milk
4 tbsp Sham Rockin' Cashew Butter
Chocolate Shell
6 tbsp Chocolate Chips
2 tsp Coconut Oil
Chopped Andes Mints
Crushed Oreos

1. In a meal prep container, add oats, chia seeds, cacao powder, protein powder, maple syrup, greek yogurt and almond milk.
2. Stir together until well combined and store in the fridge overnight.
3. In the morning (or when you're ready to eat the oats), add a layer of Sham Rockin' Cashew Butter and spread across the top. You can also swirl it into the oats instead.
4. Melt on low heat chocolate chips and coconut oil, then pour over your prepped oats. Be sure the chocolate is covering the entire container.
5. Sprinkle chopped Andes Mints and crushed Oreos.
6. Place in the freezer for about 10 minutes, crack open the shell and enjoy!

If you don't have mint chocolate protein powder, you can substitute for a chocolate protein powder and add a couple drops of peppermint extract. 
If you're meal prepping, you can split into two containers for an easier on-to-go option.

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