Frosted One Tough Cookie Air Fryer Cookie

I bet you didn't know your air fryer could do this! Wow your cookie-loving friends with this air fryer cookie recipe!

Cookie Ingredients:

1 tbsp One Tough Cookie Cashew Butter
1 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tbsp vanilla greek yogurt
3 tbsp gluten free flour
1 tbsp vanilla protein powder
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp chocolate chips

Frosting Ingredients:

1/2 tbsp One Tough Cookie Cashew Butter
1/2 tbsp vanilla greek yogurt
1/2 tbsp vanilla protein powder


1. Combine cashew butter, sugar, and yogurt. Stir in protein powder, flour, baking powder, and chocolate chips. Shape the dough into a ball and flatten into a cookie shape.
2. Air fry at 360 for 5-6 minutes.
3. Combine frosting ingredients and spread over cookie!


  • I have made this before and it’s delicious. What an awesome resource to have!

    Jen C on

  • wow what a perfect treat to satisfy my sweet tooth & in the air fryer?! So easy. This is a must try.

    Kaylee on

  • The BEST high protein, quick treat! 😍

    Cassandra Pennington on

  • Can’t wait to try this!

    Bailey Ament on

  • Never would have known that my air fryer could also do sweet treats!

    Elizabeth Batcsics on

  • AMAZING recipe! Especially using One Tough Cookie!!

    Jessica L on

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