Chocolate Peppermint Puppy Chow

✨Chocolate Peppermint Puppy Chow✨

  • 4 cups corn Chex cereal
  • ⅓ cup lilys chocolate
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 peppermint chocolate square
  • 1-2 Tb Candy Cane Kisses Peanut Butter
  • powdered sugar or confectioners sugar substitute


  1. Melt chocolate, peppermint chocolate square, and coconut oil together in two 30-second increments. Stir between each interval.
  2. Pour over the cereal and stir to coat. Add cereal to a baggie and pour the powdered sugar overtop.
  3. Shake the bag to coat all the cereal.
  4. Add chopped up pieces of more peppermint bark.
  5. Put in the fridge to set. Enjoy!

Recipe by @Kaleandkiddos for American Dream Nut Butter


  • Omg! I love puppy chow! I can’t believe I never thought to mix ADNB and make different flavors of puppy chow! Great idea and thinks for inspiring :)

    Kaitlyn on

  • Can not wait to try this!!!!!

    Cierra Hannah on

  • YUM! Such a great seasonal treat recipe.

    Chenoa on

  • Def making this ASAP!! Yum!!

    Jessica on

  • I love how easy this is to make! Looks yummy! :)

    Opal on

  • Cannot wait to try this!!!

    Kelli Salyer on

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