What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 5 Important Things to Know

What is gastric sleeve surgery? It is the most common form of weight loss surgery. In fact, it accounts for over 50 percent of weight loss operations performed.

While there are many pros and cons of gastric sleeve surgery, it requires many changes to your daily habits. Do you want to learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and if it is right for you? Keep reading these 5 important facts about this weight loss surgery. 

1. Different From Other Weight Loss Surgery Options

One of the first things you need to know about gastric sleeve surgery is that it is different from the other weight-loss surgeries available. During this operation, part of your stomach is removed, creating a smaller-sized stomach. This means that you will feel more full more quickly than you did before. 

This also means that you won't be able to eat as much, meaning you will be able to lose weight more effectively. When you remove part of your stomach, it also removes the part that produces ghrelin, a hormone that makes you feel hungry. 

The other options for weight loss surgery include a gastric bypass and an adjustable gastric band. 

In a gastric bypass, a surgeon will staple your stomach to make it smaller, rather than removing a section of it. It also divides your small intestine, meaning that your food will bypass your intestine and your body will absorb fewer calories. 

In an adjustable gastric band surgery, there is a band placed around your stomach that makes your stomach feel smaller. The band can be resized and adjusted as necessary. 

Before you decide on gastric sleeve surgery, it is important that you thoroughly research the weight loss surgery options available. 

2. You Need New Eating Habits

Something else you need to know about gastric sleeve surgery is that it requires you to have new eating habits. As part of your gastric sleeve surgery recovery, you can only eat pureed foods and liquids for a month after your surgery. However, there are many parts of your diet that you will have to change forever. 

First, you have to chew everything much more thoroughly before you swallow your food. If you don't, you might experience pain and distension from the food that isn't digested. 

It is also vital that you don't drink while you are eating your food. Because your stomach will be much smaller, drinking can easily cause your smaller stomach to overfill. You need to wait at least 30 minutes to drink after you finish your food. 

Something you will need to add to your diet are vitamin and mineral supplements. Weight loss surgeries can make it difficult for your body to absorb the proper nutrients from your food, so you need to take supplements every day. 

Finally, it is important that you realize that you cannot eat as much as you used to with gastric sleeve surgeries. Because your stomach has significantly shrunk in size, it cannot fit as much inside. Be careful with the foods you eat and the amount of food you eat. 

3. It Requires Commitment 

Gastric sleeve surgery, as with any weight-loss surgery, requires dedication and commitment. It is not a quick fix to lose weight!

As was mentioned above, having gastric sleeve surgery requires a significant change to your diet and eating habits. You have to make a daily effort to eat healthier foods, take your supplements, and even change the way you chew your food. 

Because it isn't an easy fix, many aren't willing to put in the dedication. However, there are some easy changes you can make. For example, you can still enjoy your favorite treats with some simple substitutions. Many people trade peanut butter for other healthier nut butters

4. It Is Permanent

While many types of bariatric or weight-loss surgeries are reversible, gastric sleeve surgeries are not. Because this procedure is literally removing part of your stomach, you cannot reverse the change. 

Because this is such a permanent change, it is important to consider each of your options for weight loss surgery before you get a gastric sleeve. 

5. What Are Gastric Sleeve Surgery Requirements? 

Not everyone is a good candidate for gastric sleeves. Because it is such a big change to your body, it is usually only done when you are overweight or have significant health conditions. 

For example, it is often required that you are extremely or morbidly obese, with a BMI of over 40. Some people who are obese are also candidates if they have weight-related conditions, like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Make Healthy Changes Today

Now that you have discovered what is gastric sleeve surgery, it is important that you consider your options before getting gastric sleeve surgery. If you have decided to proceed with gastric sleeve surgery, it is important that you make changes you can stick to. As was mentioned above, you will need new eating habits and commitment to your weight loss. 

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