13 Benefits of Eating High Protein Peanut Butter

Protein is a necessity and should make up 10% to 35% of a person's caloric intake. For a 2,000-calorie diet, approximately 200 to 700 calories should come from protein sources daily.

If you're on the lookout for protein-rich foods to enhance your diet, high-protein peanut butter is an excellent choice.

Peanut butter is a delicious option that a lot of people include in their diet. It is full of nutrients, and there are different varieties depending on what you prefer.

Discover the advantages of consuming high-protein peanut butter by reading on.

Easy Protein Source

Adopting a healthier diet often requires making major changes to what you eat. This can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the right balance between healthy eating and convenience.

Cooking your own food isn’t always convenient, but it is healthy. That is why it is important to find healthy snack options to help keep you full throughout the day.

One very popular option that people turn to is high-protein peanut butter. Peanut butter is a food that the majority of people grew up eating.

But now, there are more options than ever when it comes to adding this to your diet. Normal peanut butter is already quite high in proteins since it’s made from nuts.

Now you can find other nut butter options that have even more protein added. American Dream Nut Butter provides a variety of nut butter options with high protein.

Nut butter is a convenient protein source that can be enjoyed on the go, even by the spoonful. 

This makes it one of the top healthy snacks to give you a protein boost in the middle of the day.

Weight Management

If you are changing your diet, you may have a specific reason for this. Your goal may be to start eating a healthier diet for overall health.

On the other hand, you may want to lose a bit of weight to reach your goal weight. If that is the case, high-protein peanut butter can be a great option to do this.

A lot of people assume they cannot eat peanut butter when they are dieting. After all, peanut butter is known for being relatively high in fat.

Contr to popular belief, peanut butter is not high in bad fat. Actually, it contains high-quality fats that are beneficial for our health. Plus, it is a protein and fiber-rich food that keeps you full and satisfied after eating.

This can help you tackle those bothersome cravings throughout the day. You will be less likely to overeat as protein helps you to feel satisfied.

Another great thing about peanut butter is that it doesn’t even feel like it is healthy. Most people love peanut butter and consider it to be a guilty pleasure.

It is one of those rare health foods that doesn’t taste unpleasant or bland.

Quick Calories

If you follow fitness experts, you have probably seen them eating peanut butter. This is extremely common because peanut butter is high in calories and protein.

You may think of calories as being something to avoid at all costs. In reality, not every food high in calories is something you need to avoid.

Peanut butter is a great option if you need to boost your calorie intake in the middle of the day. For instance, a lot of people eat peanut butter before or after working out.

Proteins are crucial to keeping your body fuelled for an active lifestyle. Without ample protein intake, your muscles won't get the necessary energy to sustain you through the day.

Because of this, peanut butter is a great pre or post-workout snack to regenerate you. It is also a great option if you are doing outdoor activities that expend a lot of energy.

This is why many protein smoothies and bars contain peanut butter as an ingredient.

Good Fats

As we discussed above, peanut butter is known for containing a high percentage of fat. But this is not automatically a bad thing that should be avoided.

There are good fats and bad fats that are present in a variety of foods. Saturated fats are the kind of fats most people need to avoid to live a healthy life.

These are the kinds of fats that come with a variety of side effects for your health. On the other hand, nuts contain unsaturated fat, which is a healthy fat.

Healthy fat is necessary for a well-rounded diet. Your body needs fat to do things like stabilize insulin and blood sugar levels.

Fat also helps you to feel full and satisfied throughout the day after eating. If the food you are eating doesn’t have any fat, you will find yourself feeling hungry sooner.


Most people are aware that high-protein peanut butter is a healthy food option. But you may not necessarily understand the science behind why it’s so healthy.

Peanut butter is made from nuts, which contain a variety of nutrients. Nuts have things like vitamin E, folic acid, B7, B6, potassium, and zinc.

These are just a few nutrients often found in different varieties of nuts. A lot of these nutrients are things that our body needs to run appropriately.

For instance, nuts are a good source of magnesium, which is necessary for good bones. Your bones, muscles, nerves, and DNA all depend on magnesium.

A lot of people have to now take vitamins and nutrient supplements in their diet. This is because most people do not have a balanced diet with different ingredients.

With so many processed food options available, the quality of what we eat is often compromised. However, high-quality peanut butter can provide many of the essential nutrients our bodies need, making it a great alternative to supplements.

Suitable For Most Diets

In today's society, the abundance of dietary options can be overwhelming. However, with so much nutritional information readily available, it's easier than ever to tailor your own dietary plan.

Some popular diets include the keto diet, veganism, and a vegetarian diet. These are just some examples of popular diets where peanut butter is still suitable.

This makes peanut butter very versatile since most people can still enjoy it. 

With so many nut butter options available, you can select the one that suits your diet best. Whether you prefer the nutty taste of almond, the luxurious texture of cashew, or the classic flavor of peanut butter, there is an option for everyone.

Flavor Options

When we hear "high-protein peanut butter," a particular taste profile likely springs to mind. For the most part, we all have a good idea of what peanut butter tastes like. 

Although peanut butter is a staple for many, it's not loved by everyone due to its strong taste. Fortunately, today there are more flavor options than ever before, so even those not a fan of traditional peanut butter can find a flavor that suits their taste buds.

American Dream Nut Butter provides an exceptional list of flavor options. This includes options like a Caramel Crunch Cappuccino Almond Butter for something rich. Or you could try a Brownie Toast Crunch Cashew Butter if you are a chocolate lover. These are just a few options out of the many flavor profiles you can choose.

It's worth noting that various nut butters hold different taste profiles. Peanut butter boasts a robust, pronounced peanut taste. Almond butter, by contrast, presents a more delicate flavor. Cashew butter's mild, subtle flavor makes it a top pick for incorporating into recipes.

How to Eat Peanut Butter

If you're looking to up your protein intake, nut butter is a great option. But how can you seamlessly incorporate it into your daily diet?

Peanut butter is incredibly versatile, and pairs well with a variety of dishes and recipes. As a result, the only limitation when it comes to pairing peanut butter is your imagination.

Protein Balls

People are always getting creative when it comes to finding new ways of getting in protein. One example of this is the classic protein ball.

Protein balls are very similar to protein bars, but they are simpler to create. These often have a small amount of ingredients combined and rolled into bite-sized balls.

Common ingredients include things like oats, peanut butter, and honey. But you can customize this recipe to suit your dietary needs and flavor preferences.

The only thing to remember is that there needs to be wet ingredients, like nut butter or honey, to hold everything together.

Protein Bars

Making protein a part of your diet can be easy if you make it convenient. One of the most convenient options is to whip up some homemade protein bars.

Protein bars are very easy to make and have a versatile list of ingredients. You can make these exactly like you would protein balls, only in bar form.

Some protein bar recipes include cooking, while others only require mixing. You can customize the flavor of your protein bars according to the flavor of your nut butter.


If you want to eat healthier, there are a few dietary staples you need. One common healthy food staple is homemade smoothies.

Smoothies are a highly customizable and versatile drink, offering endless options to suit every taste bud. Typically, smoothies are made with a combination of protein powder, milk, fruit, and peanut butter. For those seeking a protein-packed smoothie, adding nut butter is an effortless way to elevate a plain smoothie into a nutrient-dense beverage.

This is perfect for your afternoon slump or after a morning workout. Peanut butter is also a great flavor for masking less pleasant ingredients like spinach or kale.


Making some meals healthier than others can be challenging, and breakfast is one of them. You may be limited in protein options, which can make it harder to start your day off on the right foot.

A lot of people enjoy eating oatmeal as a healthy breakfast option. You can level up the protein content by adding a scoop of nut butter.

This not only adds protein, but it also adds flavor and healthy fat, making your breakfast last longer.

Baked Goods

Part of healthy eating includes learning how to cook healthier options. One difficult aspect of this is creating healthier desserts.

Nut butter is a very common ingredient in healthy baked goods. Nut butter provides stability in the recipe as well as protein and additional nutrition.

You can make peanut butter muffins, almond butter blondies, and many other recipes.

Fresh Fruit

Peanut butter is something that a lot of people enjoy eating on its own. Any nut butter is delicious by itself, especially if you get a unique flavor.

Nut butter is also delicious when you pair it with fresh fruit. One classic example of this pairing is apples and peanut butter as an afternoon snack.

This helps you get in your daily intake of fruit as well as protein. It is a filling snack that won’t leave you feeling hungry 30 minutes later. 

High Protein Peanut Butter: Why It's So Good For You

Are you looking to switch to a healthier diet? Adding high-protein peanut butter to your shopping list might just be the right move.

High-protein nut butter provides a healthy source of fat and calories. It is also very versatile and suitable for the majority of dietary preferences.

Peanut butter also goes well in other healthy recipes like protein bars and smoothies.

Do you want to try out different nut butter flavors? Start with American Dream Nut Butter's options.


  • I just placed an order for 6 new nut butters . I am ecstatic to receive them . I used my other nut butters in oatmeal , as a shake with my Greek yogurt and bananas ! On a light multigrain English muffin, also straight from the jar . Fills me up for hours . And keeps my cravings at bay . This is by far the best indulgence I’ve had in a long time . You won’t be sorry when you get your hands on these nut butters

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    Bailey Coffman on

  • I’m a type 2 diabetic and I love peanut butter/ nut Butters I love that they are high in protein and for into my daily carbs.

    Dezerae Silva on

  • As a vegetarian and athlete, I need my protein. Nut butters like Breanne’s have been my go-to source for something tasty and protein packed. I’m so grateful for discovering American Dream!

    Jennifer Nakata on

  • I avoided peanut butter at all costs for years based on the myth that fat was bad for you. Since I’ve started eating American Dream I feel full longer and while my daily caloric intake increased my weight has not- I’m finally seeing the results I’ve wanted for so long. My fave way to eat is straight off the spoon throughout the day.

    These nut butters are a total game changer

    Cyndi Daniell on

  • I LOVE American Dream Nut Butters! I probably have a serving every day in one form or another. It has been a critical part of my weight loss journey!

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