2024 One Tough Cookie - The Year of Cancer Organizations

Happy New Year butter fam!  As you know every month we take 100% of proceeds from the sales of One Tough Cookie and donate them to an organization close to our hearts.  We are excited to announce that 2024 will be the year of cancer organizations.  All year long, each month we will honor a different cancer type.  We’ll be sharing stories each month, honoring those who are no longer with us, celebrating those who are going through their battle and those who have beaten the odds.  

At the beginning of each month we will announce the cancer type, if you know a family member or friend that has been touched by this cancer send us their story- as we’ll be looking for stories to share and ways to spread love like butter every month.  We’re kicking this off by honoring those who have been diagnosed with Lukemia, all proceeds from the sales of One Tough Cookie the month of January will be donated to the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society.  

Help us spread love like butter in 2024 by purchasing a jar of One Tough Cookie Cashew Butter so we can do our part to battle these diseases that touch so many lives.  


  • Love ADNB!! Delicious Nut Butters and beautiful hearts 😍

    Kimberly Valentin on

  • I absolutely love this! ADNB has the biggest hearts! And this cashew butter is one of my top favs!!

    Jess G on

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