National Almond Butter Day!


It’s National Almond Butter Day! Grab your favorite American Dream almond butter flavor and celebrate with us!  

Almond butter is a delicious and creamy spread made from ground almonds. It has become increasingly popular as an alternative to other nut butter, like peanut butter, because of its many health benefits.

Did you know our founder, Lea has a son with a peanut allergy!? Knowing that nut butter lovers need variety, we are proud to offer our signature creamy drizzly texture in almond butter format too! 

When you purchase almond butter from American Dream Nut Butter, you can be confident that each batch is free of added fillers or preservatives.




  • ADNB almond butters are my favorite! I love the added flavors for sure, but even the almond butter plain, is to die for! Not too drippy or too thick👌🏼

    Katie M on

  • I genuinely think most of my favorite flavors are Almond Butters. To me they seem sweeter and every flavor is amazing!

    allen luecke on

  • The almonds have my heart! They take on sweet flavors so well and all of the toppings add to the fun!!

    Abby on

  • I love both cashew and almond butter, but almond butter is my favorite due to its versatility and delicious flavor.

    Christina Dean on

  • I love the Almond Butters. The fact they are so drizzly, they pair perfectly with apple slices, ice cream, on top of oatmeal, & so much more! So delicious!

    Kristine Devine on

  • Love the peanut butters and cashew butters, but almond butters are definitely my favorite ADNB category.

    Daniel on

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