Introducing Non Gluten-Free Butters

We've got something exciting for you all! Now introducing....non gluten-free nut butters!

We are no strangers to the aftermath of the pandemic - but instead of being out of stock of your favorite butters, we've chosen to give you a choice! You can now order your favorite nut butters in a non gluten-free version!

Don't worry - these butters will feature:

  • the same amazing taste and quality
  • the same drizzly texture
  • the same nutrition

So, what exactly is the difference?

The toppings!

For example, instead of our usual gluten-free graham crackers, we’re using traditional graham cracker crumbles on our non gluten-free option. That’s it! This change will not change the taste or the macros of your favorite butters AT ALL.

We’re so excited to continue serving you delicious, gourmet nut butters, now coming in two options!


  • I love the blueberry cheesecake one and am happy you offer different varieties for everyone ❤️

    Megan on

  • This flavor is off the charts! I love that we can now choose gluten free options. What a treat for people who struggle with gluten intolerance. Thank you ADNB!

    Ronni T on

  • So amazing to have both options! There is truly something for everyone!

    Abby on

  • I love that there are both options available now! The gluten free ones are still my top pick! I having the option is nice! I come from a family with celiac’s disease and understanding the importance of true gluten free is so crucial for these types of individuals. Love that this company takes pride in that!

    Chenoa on

  • I love that there are both options available now! The best part though? Is taste or macros isn’t sacrificed and the non gluten free is just as amazing as the original.

    EmmaLynn Misak on

  • I love how you have both options available!

    Kristine Devine on

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