ADNB X What Lea's Dreams Are Made Of


  • Mint chip Ice cream cake sounds like something made from my own dreams!! Always been a sucker for the mint chocolate duo!

    Saira Walker on

  • These flavors need to be stocked in your cupboard at all times!

    Mark Taccone on

  • I just love how the new flavors come out every couple months. It gives me something to look forward to with the new seasons and holidays. They are always so good! Never disappoints!

    Chrissy Lloyd on

  • The ADNB x What Lea’s Dreams Are Made Of Collab was such a fun collection! Like every launch, there’s classic pairings that just work and then there’s the fun combinations that are intriguing to try. ADNB makes it hard not to like any of their flavors and I like that they’re not afraid to have fun!

    Karelys R on

  • Unicorn party is so stinking fun and so dang delicious! Kids would love it… If they can snag it away from the adults!

    Crystal Williams on

  • As someone with Celiac I have a massive respect for ADNB because almost all of their recipes are gluten-free. It is very inclusive for those with allergies, and even better the taste is amazing!! If you have any reservations about trying their butters, let this be your sign to try them!!

    Caleigh Hayn on

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