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ADNB X What Lea's Dreams Are Made Of


  • Cosmic blondie???? That sounds exquisite. Just like every other flavor ADNB makes. Not a single one has disappointed.

    Kimber Mathus on

  • My favorite way to enjoy the nut butters is put half a Tablespoon on a zero net carb tortilla. I do that when I get home from work for a little treat before bed.

    Lynne on

  • I absolutely loved this launch!! The strawberry pretzel pie is my all time favorite flavor!!

    Caelin_sloan4 on

  • Hi all!!! I’m Christy, a stay-at-home momma from Carmel, Indiana! My first experience trying American Dream was at their incredible coffee shop located in the Hamilton Town Center Mall. Right when you walk in there is a WALL of amazing flavors of nut butters!!! I must have spent 20 minutes deciding which ones to buy!! Was drawn to the counter and sampled a few delicious flavors!!!! You really can’t go wrong with any of them! They even incorporate nut butter flavors into some of their yummy coffee drinks in the shop!! I was immediately hooked and have bought more nut butters in person as well as online! If you’re in Central Indiana, don’t forget to shop local!! 😍🤪

    Christy on

  • Absolutely love ADNB love can get protein in while enjoying PB!

    Allison on

  • These butters are what it’s at!!! The strawberry pretzel pie and Cosmic Blondie were his immediately. I will miss them while their gone

    Lindsay Smith on

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