5 Shopping Tips to Save Time When Purchasing American Dream Nut Butter

We all know the thrill of adding new limited edition gourmet nut butter to your shopping cart on a launch day! As well as the disappoint that can follow if you find your favorite blends sold out before you were able to click, submit order. 

That's why we've gathered together our favorite smart shopping tips to help you save time when purchasing new American Dream Nut Butter flavors on launch day!

  1. Make sure to set-up a customer account ahead of time. Register for a customer account by inputting your full name, email and selecting a password. Once registered, be sure to log in on launch day for speedy checkout!
  2. Log onto the American Dream Nut Butter website at least five minutes prior to the designated launch time and refresh your screen to wait for new products to appear onsite. We push all products live manually, at the time of launch, the best way to see the new additions in real time is to view from the Shop All page. 
  3. Close any extra browser tabs you may have open. Every browser tab you open consumes memory, and has the potential to slow down your connection, especially on a busy launch day! So it's always best to keep the number of open tabs to a minimum.
  4. Review nut butter flavors ahead of time and know what you want! This goes for any legacy blends that you want to purchase at the same time you place your order for new limited edition flavors.
  5. Add any OG flavors to your cart ahead of time! This means you can spend less time scrolling on launch day and hit 'submit' before it's too late!

We know how important it is for our Butter Fam to stay stocked with the latest and greatest gourmet nut butter creations, so we hope our tips for successful shopping keep your pantries stocked and bellies full!


  • Wow these tips are so helpful! I know I’ve fallen behind on getting those butters into my cart on time lol Having an account and knowing what I want ahead of time is a game changer.

    Ashley Smolinski on

  • Having an account makes checkout so much quicker and easier! I also like to have all my other flavors in my cart just waiting for launch flavors.

    Diane Jacob on

  • There’s so many more advantages to registering for an account besides quick shopping on launch day, I collect rewards for money off, I’m always in the know on what charity is being highlighted for the month and well yeah quick checkout on launch day definitely helps to get my order in fast so I can be one of the first to receive my order.

    Cyndi Daniell on

  • Registering for an account really helps to streamline the whole ordinary task! Not to mention you can earn rewards and even more discounts. I mean how much better can ya get!

    EmmaLynn Misak on

  • Love Grammas PB fudge and breakfast in bed !

    Carolyn Severino on

  • I need the coffee almond butter one 🙏

    Kim Winters on

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