All American Butter


All American Butter began with one man's dream and one woman's vision. Mark wanted a way to pay homage to our country and those who serve it and Lea wanted to create a healthy treat that even those with food allergies or physique goals could enjoy.   


From there, All American Butter was born. A hand-crafted nut butter, made fresh daily from 100 percent American Made/Grown Ingredients that taste like dessert, but can help with your #healthgoals as well.


As a way for us to give back to our community, our customers and our country.  We decided that using a percentage of our monthly sales needed to go to our REAL life American Heroes.    To all of America's Soldiers, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and all First responders.   You are FOREVER heroes in our hearts and we will do all things possible to showcase our support and gratitude