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You know that time of year when all you see is Reese's Eggs on the shelves? Well, we're "hoppin'" you love this high-protein version even more! Of course, we couldn't resist using one of our deliciously drippy new Easter blends to add an extra crunch and sweetness to this easy-to-make treat. Servings: 4 eggs Ingredients1/2 cup Bunny Bait Peanut Butter3-4 tbsp maple syrup4 tbsp flour1 scoop protein powder (we love to use grass-fed chocolate or peanut butter protein)1/3 cup dark chocolate chips1 tbsp coconut oilSprinkles   Instructions 1. In a small bowl mix together peanut butter and maple syrup. 2. Add flour...

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Is peanut butter keto? Yes, but... if you are eating all natural peanut butter, it's low carb and has only healthy fats. Learn recipes and tips here.

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